Inteview mit Competition Black Belt Bruno Froede

BJJ has been a big part in your life. Tell us why are you so fascinated into BJJ?

– I have always praticed exercices since I´m kid. I´ve started with capoeira when I was a child, and after I trained Judo and then I knew BJJ and since the 1st time that I trained I felt in love.BJJ is more then just a martial art, its a lifestyle, discipline, respect and good values.

Why did you leave your mother’s arms with your brother Biro to Sao Paulo?

– We always wanted to train more like professionals and when we had the opportunity there was no other option, just go there and try. Initially the plan was just 6 months and come back, but after training it was not possible to leave.

What was CICERO COSTHA for you when you joined this famous power house? Have you ever heard about Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers?

– Paulo, João and Leandro are legends till this day, and at that time they were perhaps the most famous athletes on the scene. That was an extra motivation, training in the same place as these guys.

How changed your life after being part of those killers?

– Changed all. The way that I see the sport, how to trainig and how is hard to keep in high level always. Have guys so good close to you makes you push youself harder. Also the competitor life its not that easy: money, tiredness, injuries and everything by yourself.

How long did it take you to get a real part of CC? I mean when were you accepted as a real competitor?

– When we get there we are already competitors, so since from the beginning. But as a blue belt we only train with white, blue and some purple belts. But some of them are now black belt world champions, so since from the beginning the level has always been very high.

Have you ever been injured? How did you handle your injury? Did you really stop with training?

– Yes, many times, but twice it was more serious: once in the knee and once in the shoulder. I both spent more or less 6 mo to really train normally. At that time I did several workouts every day to keep my body and mindset active.

You said that you trained as well with Leandro Lo but he left the team very soon after your arrival in CC. Could you tell as well how he was? I mean what was his secret to deliver such a high performance?

– We have arrive there in a transitions, they are separeting between CC and Brotherhood, a lot of people leaving and coming as the same time. But always what everyone talks about him is that he trained always against the best guys avaliable at the training, always harder as possible. Not about the quantity of trainings but always with 100% of intensity.

Had you had the chance to know him *and Miyao brothers* personally and maybe you want to tell us a bit about *them* as a normal person?

– Leandro I didn’t knew him very well, I only talked to him a few times, but he was always a very nice person to me. I also know a lot of people from the same friendship cycles. Paulo and João, we trained a long time ago when I was a blue and purple belt and… they are aliens!! Truly good and technical. Also they are a very good and friendly person, they doesn’t talk much but he is always friendly.

Now to you again. Why did you decide to live of BJJ? I mean you are a bachelor of science as well you could have lived of anything else or? You were already used to work in a court.

– Was hard at some point conciliating study and training, but in the end bjj was winning. Court work also helped me to see which way I prefer to live and for sure I love that lifestyle.

Which learnings did you make during your BJJ study and which learning did you make during your study at university?

– Every knowlege is always good and useful in some point of our life, I think BJJ makes me a better person in a lot of perspectives, more displined for exemple but also the university makes the same, I´ve learned how to deal with some problems in a good way. Was 5 years of studies, and BJJ I´m doing for around 14 years.

What do you try to convey to your students? What is the most important thing for you?

– Always I try to bring then positive vibes, good values like respect and give to them a technical knolege as well, also pushing to make them stronger. And in the end the most important thing is see them happy, evolving and growing not only at the sport but at the life as well. BJJ is the best therapy ever.

BJJ Schwarzgurt Bruno Froede im Zitadellensport Graz Gym